Company News

Coneco is pleased to announce the recent hiring of the following employees:

Meredith LaBelle, Environmental Scientist, Bridgewater Office, started September 2020.  Meredith joins the Coneco team with one year of experience in working in hazardous waste compliance and emergency response. She has a BA in Geosciences from Hamilton College, where her research focused on isotopic signals of paleo-environmental change in Adirondack lakes. Meredith has experience with a variety of geologic field methods including sediment coring, seismic analysis, and handheld x-ray fluorescence.

Brendan Kelly, Environmental Scientist, Bridgewater Office, started February 2020.  Brendan received a BS in Biology from Villanova University where he researched wetland biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, and the effects of oil deposition on coastal marshes.  He comes to Coneco with four years of experience working in and managing academic research labs in southern Louisiana, where he studied the lingering effects of the Macondo (BP) oil spill on coastal wetlands and communities, and Boston, where he studied the impacts of nutrient loading on toxic algal blooms in New England waters.

Lori A. Macdonald, Sr. Environmental Scientist – Ecological Services and Permitting, Bridgewater Office, started February 2020.  Lori Macdonald is an experienced Wetland Scientist and Biologist with a demonstrated history in the engineering and construction industries. She has experience in environmental permitting, construction biological and water quality monitoring, CEQA, MEPA and NEPA documentation, wetland delineations and biological surveys and assessments. She obtained her Professional Wetland Scientist Certification in 2010 and was certified as a Wildlife Biologist in 2017. Ms. Macdonald is a Certified Erosion, Sedimentation and Storm Water Inspector and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner. She is skilled in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Trimble, Leica RTK, and Total Station Survey. She is a strong research professional with a Master of Science in Environmental Science from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Allen Walker, PE, LSP, Senior Project Manager, Bridgewater Office, started February 2020. Allen received a BS in Engineering Technology from Norwich University and an MS in Sanitary Engineering from Virginia Tech. Allen joins the Coneco team with over 30 years of experience involving a wide variety of environmental issues and projects. His work has primarily been as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) in Massachusetts, and he has a thorough knowledge of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). In addition, Allen is a professional engineer (PE) in NH and has overseen remedial projects in New Hampshire.